International March for Korea’s Peace, Prosperity and Reunification Held

An international march for Korea’s peace, prosperity and reunification took place here on Tuesday.

There was a ceremony of starting the march in front of the Monument to the Three Charters for National Reunification.

Present there were Kim Jong Suk, chairwoman of the Korean Committee for Cultural Relations with Foreign Countries and chairwoman of the Korean Committee for Solidarity with the World People, Ri Son Gwon, chairman of the Committee for the Peaceful Reunification of the Country, officials concerned and working people in the city of Pyongyang.

Attending it were co-chairpersons of the Organizing Committee of the International Festival in Praise of the Great Persons of Mt Paektu including Peter Woods, co-chairman of the Asia-Pacific Regional Committee for Supporting Peaceful Reunification of Korea, and Yehia Zakaria Khairullah, co-chairman of the Arab Regional Committee for Friendship and Solidarity with the Korean People, delegations and delegates of organizations for friendship and solidarity with the Korean people and international democratic organizations and overseas compatriots.

Speeches were made there.

Iraklis Tsavdaridis, executive secretary of the World Peace Council, said that the World Peace Council supports Korea’s peace and reunification based on the north-south joint declarations and presses for the withdrawal of all sorts of sanctions against the DPRK.

Fumihiro Himori, chairman of the Japan Committee for the Independent and Peaceful Reunification of Korea, expressed the will to demand the Japanese authorities’ apology and reparation for the past crimes against the Korean people and halt to the suppression of the General Association of Korean Residents in Japan and work hard to realize the early normalization of Japan-DPRK diplomatic relations.

Kim Jong Suk noted that the Korean people’s struggle for peace and reunification of the Korean Peninsula is associated with the support of the peace-loving people including friendship and solidarity organizations of all countries and international democratic organizations.

An appeal to the world peace-loving people was read out.

The appeal underscored the need to intensify the international solidarity activities for a lasting and durable peace-keeping mechanism on the Korean Peninsula.

It called for vigorously conducting the activities for opposing and rejecting all forms of sanctions and unjust measures against the prosperity of the Korean people.

It called for full support and solidarity with the Korean people in their struggle for achieving reunification of the country on the principle of national independence.

The participants in the march left the Monument to the Three Charters for National Reunification.

The crowds ardently welcomed the marchers expressing firm support and solidarity with the Korean people in their just cause, waving bouquets.


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