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5293238012_53fe167585_b_christmas-korea-675x368INDSK Mission Statement

The International Network for the Defense of Socialist Korea (INDSK) is an organization entirely dedicated to the promotion of educational resources, audiovisual content, news, commentary, literature, and other information with the aim of creating solidarity, friendship, and understanding between people of the world and the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea. By showing the reality of Korean-style socialism and the broad genuine support of the popular masses for the Workers’ Party of Korea and their leadership, we aim to replace confusion with clarity, hostility with sympathy, and conflict with reconciliation. We fervently defend the independence and legitimacy of the DPRK, aggressively advocate support for Korean reunification, vehemently oppose any U.S. military presence on the Korean peninsula as well as its economic pressure on the DPRK, and uphold the Juche and Songun ideas as the greatest ideological manifestations of the wishes, interests, happiness, and sovereignty of the Korean people.

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